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Registration Process

This year the ETFA will be changing the registration process to take advantage of online registration. Players should follow these instructions in order to register for their team for the upcoming season:

  1. All players must signup on the website. You need to do so in order to be added to your teams roster. Please fill out all the information. (Address, postal code etc.) This is very important for league insurance purposes. Once you click the "Submit" button you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify your e-mail & registration. Click on the link provided in the e-mail to verify your info. This will open a new webpage window confirming your verification. You may now login to the website to register for your team. After logging in, click on "Teams" in the left hand menu. Now click on your team. You will see your teams information, roster, etc. On this screen you will see the following message: "Are you a player who wants to play on this team but aren't yet on the roster? Click here to request to add yourself to this team" When you click on "here" an e-mail will be sent to your team captain so that he can verify that you belong on this teams roster. Remember in order to add a player to your roster they must be signed up with the website. All players MUST sign themselves up, team captains should not do not do it for them. This is required so that we have up to date information for all players. You may click HERE to begin.

If you encounter problems during the registration process or you have questions/concerns you can email Conrad @


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